Relationship between throwing velocity and specific strength assessed with Functional Electromechanical Dynamometer (FEMD) in handball players


  • Javier Aguilar Sánchez Universidad de Granada
  • Lorenzo Ruiz-Orellana Universidad de Granada
  • Luis Javier Chirosa-Ríos Universidad de Granada
  • Rafael Enrique Lozano Zapata Universidad de Pamplona, Colombia
  • Brian Johan Bustos Viviescas Universidad de Pamplona, Colombia
  • Ignacio Chirosa-Ríos Universidad de Granada
  • Ángela Rodríguez-Perea Universidad de Granada
  • María Dolores Morenas-Aguilar Universidad de Granada



dynamometry, functional strength, throwing, performance


Objective. To study the relationship between the specific strength in handball, assessed with Functional Electromechanical Dynamometer (FEMD), and throwing velocity. Methods. Thirteen Spanish elite handball players were evaluated (28.77 ± 4.81 years, 90.19 ± 13.07 kg y 1.86 ± 0.10 m) during the preseason. A day of familiarization with the throwing velocity and strength test with FEMD was performed. One week later, the assessment of specific strength, including the upper and lower body (unilateral pullover test and step forward test) and throwing velocity was conducted by the subjects. Results. Significant correlations were found between (i) throwing velocity peak and isometric strength mean in unilateral pullover test with the dominant hand (r = 0.548, p = 0.05), and (ii) between throwing velocity peak and step forward test with the dominant leg (r = 0.628, p = 0.02). Conclusion. Training exercises closer to real game situations are positively related to performance enhancement in handball players. Therefore, the use of devices that allow the assessment and training at the same time in specific situations, should be extended in the sport coaches and researches.


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